About Me

One of the things we did in my old school was something called, “D.E.A.R.” This stands for Drop Everything And Read. I wasn’t that big on reading until I was in the 5th grade and my mom took me to the local bookstore to pick out a book to read. I didn’t really care for the activity, so she took it upon herself to pick out a book for me. Despite me being only ten-years-old at the time, she unknowingly picked out the 2nd book from a YA series that opened with a very raunchy scene between a teenage couple. I barely remember the story of that series, having read so many more books since. But even if it later didn’t become a favorite series nor did I even finish it, I will forever be thankful to Alyson Noel and her Immortal series for being the writer who got me into books in the first place.

After reading that first book, it became a marathon of different books in the Middle-Grade and YA genres — “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, “The Percy Jackson Series”, “The Inheritance Cycle”, “The Lunar Chronicles”, the “Throne of Glass” series, “Call Me By Your Name”, “The Hate U Give”, the “How to Train Your Dragon” books, and just so many more. And of course, with reading all these books, comes a lot of fangirl-ing, and I can assure you my close friends can confirm that. They’re the ones who have to put up with my raving on and on about books whenever I finish a brand new series I adore, or they put up with my ranting after I finish a book I didn’t particularly like.

Then I thought, why not share my thoughts with people who would actually be interested? Instead of just writing my thoughts down after reading and then saving it in a folder in my laptop, never to be read by anyone, why not post them? Why don’t I actually encourage people to read or to read more? Why not share what I have to say to anyone who’s actually willing to listen?

So here’s my baby, Book-Bosomed Klauds! Here, I review books I recently read, compare movies to the books they were based off, and just talk about anything related to books! I’m also going to do my best to include books published locally, and/or written in Filipino!

I don’t want you, my readers, to just read whatever I post. I hope you’re able to gain a new perspective on a book, get motivated to read, learn that the movies don’t exactly have to match the book, and just enjoy reading.

So read on, find a new book to read, and share what books you’re reading! I’d love to know what you guys are reading and have a look at them myself! Who knows? I might write a review about it 😉