“The Sun Is Also a Star” Movie Trailer Reaction



Okay, so I read this book like two years ago so I don’t really remember much of the details BUT I do know that I always described it as “Eleanor and Park” +” Before Sunrise” = this amazing creation by Nicola Yoon.

I still remember that Natasha and Daniel spent an entire day together doing cutesy things together and falling in love in the end. I also remember them going back and forth to the embassy or whatever it was to stop Natasha and her family from going back to Africa. And I still remember that they failed in the end. HOWEVER there was an epilogue, like 5 or so years later wherein they met each other again on a plane and I just GAH MY HEART.

The book went back and forth on the POVs of Natasha, Daniel, and their family members, most memorably so (at least to me), Natasha’s father. While Natasha and Daniel mostly talk about the present (ie their day together), their POV’s along with their family members’ are mixed with their memories, experiences, and thoughts that show you what led them to this moment.

My thoughts on the trailer? I may not remember much, but that trailer actually did impress me. They casted a Korean dude (I would’ve been happy with anyone of Oriental descent but yasss the actor they chose is actually Korean-American), and Daniel IS Korean and an African-American (and half Iranian) woman to play Natasha. And judging by the multiple shot sequences of her family, it seems as though there might be scenes wherein we aren’t in the present. As in, like in the book, we’re taken back to Natasha’s memories to see what led them to being deported back to Africa, so I’m excited for that! I hope we also have scenes with Daniel’s family, because I think there were some in the book.

Most people are scared about their favourite book being ruined by the movie, but since movie adaptations have been killing it lately, I’m not scared. I don’t need it to be exactly like the book, all I need for them to do is to bring it justice it deserves.

Check out the trailer below!


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